ashleybenlove asked:

Buzz Lightyear/Jessie. OTP meme.

9r7g5h answered:

Okay then! :D

Who made the first move:

Jessie. Buzz would be WAY too nervous to make the first move; he’d beat around the bush and hint at it, but never make the move in the end. So, Jessie (who’d be quite amused during the entire time he’s doing that) would be the first to make the move.

Who said ‘I love you’ first:

Buzz. Although he’d be too timid to make the first move, once they were in the relationship, he’d be confident enough to do things like hold hands in public and kiss. I also think he would have been the first one to realize he did love her, and so would be the first to say it.

How often they fight:

Quite often. Not over anything big, really; they’re both reasonable enough to be able to talk the really important things over without it blowing up (though there would be some heated words). The little things, though? Yeah…I’d save at least twice a week, if not more often. It’s mainly because of cultural differences, since they’re both from such different time periods. But even when they do fight, they make up pretty quickly.

Whose big spoon/little spoon:

They switch off depending on what they need on a night to night basis. Sometimes Buzz is the big spoon when Jessie has nightmares, and she’s the big one when he’s frustrated about the things that have happened to Andy/Bonnie or he’s worried about batteries running out.

What their nicknames are for each other:

Buzz calls her ‘Cow Girl,’ and Jessie calls him ‘Space Man.’

Whose the better cook:

Jessie! Buzz lives his entire adult life (if he was human) eating precooked space food that requires no cooking at all. So, while he’d have the knowledge of how to cook, he’d have no experience. Jessie, on the other hand, would have cooked for herself since she was old enough to be on her own, so she’d be quite good at it.

Their song:

Hmmmmmmmm… I’m not 100% sure. XD Sorry. …yeah, I have absolutely no idea. Sorry! ^^’

Who remembers their anniversaries:

Buzz! His entire job revolves around records and reports and everything. He needs to remember when stuff happened so he can make sure everything is accurate. So, he’d remember their anniversaries.

Their favorite thing to do together (besides sex):

Go outside and look at the stars. Wide open spaces for Jessie, space for Buzz. It’s perfect.

Who ‘wears the pants’ in the relationship:

Both. When it comes to animals and ‘non-threatening’ people, Jessie takes control, and is the one in charge. When there is a threat Buzz takes control (not because he’s male, but because he’s been specifically trained to diffuse tense situations and try to keep the situation on a non-violent level). But in everything else, they pretty much share the responsibility. 

How they would get engaged:

One of two ways:

If Jessie was the one to propose, then she’s just come out and ask him to marry her. She’s not the one to beat around the bush and play with subtleties, you know? So, while they were having a nice picnic lunch, she’d just say it and be done.

If Buzz proposed, however, he’d go all out. Get a fancy restaurant, have them both dress up, get an orchestra, have Bullseye perform tricks in exchange for tons of carrots, the works. AND then Jessie would see right through everything five minutes before he was going to ask and just start smilin wide and say yes. 

What their wedding would be like:

It’d be simple. Neither of them are grand people (and when Buzz tries to be, like his version of the proposal, it never really works), so they’d keep it simple. Find a nice, wide open clearing that can hold everyone they want there, have a quiet reception after it was over with everyone; simple.

How many kids they’ll have:

I like three. A boy and twin girls. Not sure why, but it fits, I think. Well, that’s a little bit of a lie. Jessie has had three kids, a boy and two girls, so it’s based off of that. But I do like the idea of the girls being twins, so there you go! ^v^

This is awesome! =D